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Quote of the Day

The purpose of education is to save young people from the paralyzing effects of wealth and poverty.

                                                      – Kurt Hahn 

It’s Time to Take Back Personalized Learning

In what no doubt feels like an ironic twist for most teachers, the concept of…Continue reading >

ICT – Defining the Role of Future Education in India
In the era of digitisation, technology and knowledge have...Continue reading >

How Singapore Encourages Lifelong Learning and Workforce Resilience
As lifelong learning becomes increasingly critical for ongoingContinue reading >

16% of children are ‘out of school’ — World Bank report
A new World Bank report on education says in Ghana a considerable…Continue reading >

Half of Refugee Children Are Not in School, Report Says
More than half of refugee children worldwide were not enrolled...Continue reading >

Girls’ education is the best investment we can make to grow the world’s economies
If you ask most people if they believe girls should go to school...Continue reading >

Teaching problem solving: Let students get ‘stuck’ and ‘unstuck’
In the real world, students encounter problems that are complex...Continue reading >

Unlocking the Promise of Digital Assessment
For many professors, student assessment is one of the most...Continue reading >

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Education Specialist
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Menaro, Jordan


10 Nov, 2017

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