Competency-Based Learning Puts Students At The Center. It’s Perfect For Now, FLS News Issue 1077 Thu 3 September 2020

“Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn, and you will.” ― Vernon Howard [more quotes]
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Competency-Based Learning Puts Students At The Center. It’s Perfect For Now.
Access to computers and Wi-Fi at home…..
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Free and high-quality online trainings offered by members of the Global Education Coalition, curated by……..
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9 EduTech Lessons Learned During COVID-19 Digital Response
Since the onset of coronavirus, the……
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Howard Gardner On His Theory Of Multiple Intelligence and Lessons For COVID-19 Era
The education world gets obsessed….
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Oakura School To Play Key Part In World’s Biggest Grassroots Online Education Conference
The school, noted for its commitment…..
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