Investing In Public Education Worldwide Is Now More Important Than Ever, FLS News Issue 1049 Tue 23 June 2020



“The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.” ― B.B. King [more quotes]
🕛 4 Mins | Response to COVID-19
Investing In Public Education Worldwide Is Now More Important Than Ever
In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19…..
🕛 5 Mins | Online Learning
Many education researchers have raised the concern that 2020 school closures……
🕛 10 Mins  | Response to COVID-19
Education Cannot Wait Interviews Deputy Secretary-General Of The United Nations
During the unfolding of the COVID-19…..
🕛 7 Mins  | Response to COVID-19
What Does Good Classroom Design Look Like In The Age Of Social Distancing?
Where we learn matters. This truth has….
🕛 3 Mins |  Response to COVID-19
COVID Has Forced Educational Establishment To Introduce E-learning Tools, But The Chasm Between Haves And Have-nots Is A Concern

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Date: 29 June 2020

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