Creative learning and teaching for the 21st century


Learning and education have the potential of playing life-changing roles in most people’s lives. Therefore, we have an obligation to keep developing the quality and impact of education!

The challenge

The rapid development of technology and society makes it difficult to predict which skills will be needed in future jobs. However, no matter the area of focus, every job will require abilities within areas like communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Companies want their employees to be able to find multiple answers to challenges so that they can choose which fits the organization best. And so does the global society: we are in need of innovative solutions to challenges we are not even able to identify yet. Therefore, if we want to successfully prepare our students for jobs and challenges of the future, education must start fostering each student’s creative leadership in the classroom. Children must be given opportunities to engage in creative and collaborative problem solving. And teaching should focus on students learning process skills, learning how to create innovative and surprising solutions to new problems. This stands opposed to what seems a very high priority in formalized education: teaching our children to memorize and recite facts.

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