COLUMN: What makes a great teacher?


Last week I went to my grandson’s fifth grade graduation. Next year he will be going to junior high. What I witnessed at this graduation was utterly amazing. During this past year, I heard my grandson, Brady, say many times what a terrific teacher he had. He never wanted to miss school, even when he didn’t feel well. He said school was fun and inspiring. I read poems and articles he wrote and asked my daughter if she had helped him write them. She quickly said, “No, that is all him.”

These fifth graders are more than prepared for the next level of learning. They are more than classmates to one another — they are like family. Several of the students were asked to speak and explain how they had been changed by attending this school. Their words really made you, as a parent and grandparent, stop and think. They are dreamers, team players, an inspiration to one another, they uplift one another, they respect their teachers as well as their peers and they know that their classmates always have their backs.