Aspirations, Poverty and Inequality: 4th World Bank Group Conference on Equity, 29-30 May 2014


Two papers using Young Lives data will be presented at the World Bank conference on Aspirations, Poverty and Inequality on 29-30 May 2014.

There is increasing theory and evidence that durable inequalities of income and wealth constrain the long-run development of societies. Policy efforts to reduce poverty and ensure inclusion have so far focused almost entirely on leveling the playing field by expanding the access of the poor to markets and to public services, including health, education, and legal protection.

The 4th World Bank Group Conference on Equity will investigate an issue that has been largely neglected in the formulation of policy:  the role of aspirations in creating more inclusive societies, If what children want for themselves or what their parents want for them is conditioned not just by their own economic opportunities but also by the social environment in which they live, then high levels of inequality might be self-perpetuating.”

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