Achieving EFA Through Equivalency Programmes in Asia-Pacific: A regional overview with highlights from India, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines


This publication, produced by the Asia-Pacific Programme of Education for All (APPEAL) at UNESCO’s Regional Office in Bangkok, provides a synthesis of Equivalency Programmes (EPs) in education in the Asia- Pacific region.

The publication draws on information from a range of sources, including research reports, regional workshop materials and individual experiences from Non-Formal Education (NFE) personnel. This collection of information comes from eleven countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including three of the world’s most populous, namely, China, India and Indonesia. Four of these eleven countries (India, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand) provided APPEAL with detailed impact studies of EPs in their respective countries. The remaining seven (Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Lao PDR, Mongolia, Myanmar and Viet Nam) contributed country experiences on their existing or developing EPs.

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