9.5 Innovative teaching practices in Krousar Thmey (New Family)


SpeakerName: Ms. Phalla Neang, Coordinator for blind children education, Krousar Thmey (New Family), Cambodia

Description: This presentation shared that prior to 2000, deaf or blind children were only studying in Krousar Thmey special schools, and they had no opportunity to explore inclusive environments. Thus, Krousar Thmey concluded an agreement with the Ministry of Education, where Krousar Thmey special schools would follow the official curriculum, so that if children pass one grade in Krousar Thmey schools, they would be able to enter the next grade in public school. This agreement enabled the Foundation to develop further agreements with local public schools willing to welcome blind or deaf children into inclusive classes. Consequently, since 2000, all children from Krousar Thmey schools have been able to attend public schools.