9.4 Innovations of Assistive Technologies in Special Education (AT)


SpeakerName: Prof. Jun Ishikawa, Chairperson, Commission on the Policy for Persons with Disabilities, CABINET OFFICE

Description: This presentation highlighted that DropTalk assists children with autism and other developmental disabilities who have problems with communication. Additionally, this presentation discussed how specialized assistive hardware such as Braille displays and notetakers (e.g., Braille Sense), magnifiers, and Braille printers are still expensive due to the limited size of the market, and a radical fall in the prices is not expected any time soon. Thus, governmental assistance in the form of a system of grants is recommended. Furthermore, it is noted that the world has recently seen technologies that can be installed into and used on regular hardware, and many applications of this kind are free. Thus, this presentation emphasized the use of regular hardware and such freeware, as this can reduce the burden of the governments or schools.