9.2 Classroom Management: The natural environment for the Visually Impaired with Additional Disabilities for transition to their families and communities after finishing school


SpeakerName: Ms. Siriporn Tantaopas, Special Education Teacher, Senior Professional Level, Northern School for the Blind, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Description: This presentation shared the ways in which the school utilizes school-based learning and community-based learning in its programme. Thus, information regarding the school’s community-based programme in Palan village is provided, where the villagers teach the students how to grow vegetables, cook traditional food, cultivate crops and practice animal husbandry. Additionally, the school’s vocational training workshop is discussed, as it seeks to help the student transition to adult life. This presentation thus emphasized how the Northern School for the Blind ultimately holds that the natural environment supports all students in reaching their goals for their future and effectively prepares them for the transition to their families and communities after finishing schooling.