8.2 PHASE Nepal’s Flexible Schooling Programme in Rural Nepal


SpeakerName: Mr. Rudra Bahadur Neupane, Program Manager, PHASE Nepal

Description: This presentation reviewed the work PHASE Nepal commenced with the Chumchet, a homogenous Sherpa community. The location of this community is considered very remote, as it takes five days on foot to reach the nearest road. Prior to PHASE beginning work with the Chumchet, the community lacked access to basic health and education facilities, as well as other services and markets. Other PHASE working communities are noted in the presentation, as well, as they are of mixed ethnicities (e.g., Gurung, Magar, Tamang, Dalit and Brahmin/Chhetri) and are also located in remote areas and are deprived of basic services. This presentation also shared how PHASE’s work and efforts were affected by the April 2015 earthquakes, as the earthquakes destroyed homes, schools and pathways, thus resulting in profoundly negative effects on education, child rights and the overall development of communities.