5.4.1 Early Childhood Development Scales


SpeakerName: Ms. Silke Friesendorf, Communications Manager, Asia Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood (ARNEC), Singapore

Description: This presentation shared the ways in which the East Asia and the Pacific Early Learning and Development Standards (EAP-ECDS) have proven to be a psychometrically robust measure of developmental functioning in the region. Furthermore, the recommendations derived from the ECD Scales were provided and include the following: (1) Use the findings to impact policy decisions regarding investment in ECD; (2) Invest in ECE programmes; (3) Invest in narrowing developmental gaps between rural areas; (4) Denote parental education as an early childhood intervention and allocate resources to promote both parent education and training and formal education; (5) Invest in building the capacity of in-country teams to conduct evaluation research for the purpose of improving the quality of evidence-based policy-making; and (6) Capitalise on this data set from the East Asia and Pacific region and allocate resources for data mining.