5.3.1 Mainstreaming Mother-Tongue Based Multilingual Education in the Philippines: Initial Gains and Challenges


SpeakerName: Prof. Maria Mercedes Arzadon, Assistant Professor, College of Education, University of the Philippines-Diliman Campus

Description: This presentation reviews the key features of MTBMLE implementation in Philippine education concerning the aspects related to policy, advocacy, teacher training, materials development, community mobilization, as well as monitoring and evaluation as initiated by government agencies, higher education institutions, local and international aid agencies, as well as local government and media. It presents initial outcomes and promising practices, including the efforts of teachers to learn how to read and write in a language that they knew only in its spoken form and their initiatives to make their own mother tongue “Big Books” which feature the community’s funds of knowledge. This presentation also discussed the problems and challenges that come with such a massive and rapid implementation of the program, especially in places where multiple mother tongues are represented.