5.2.1 Multi-grade Teaching and Multi-level Teaching (MGML): A review of innovations, issues of implementation and sustainability


SpeakerName: Prof. Manjula Vithanapathirana, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Description: Multigrade and multi-level (MGML) teaching is addressed in this presentation, as MGML seeks to address the financial constraints with small schools and the rural teacher shortage. This presentation reported that the primary curriculum in Sri Lanka is presently organized in an age-graded, mono-grade curriculum framework, and therefore, a curriculum reorganization is deemed necessary and is provided in this presentation, with a combination of specific objectives for MG for selected grade combinations. It is asserted that multi-level teaching should be in all classes in order to address the learning needs of each child, and multigrade teaching provides a viable and sustainable alternative to the current mono-grade system. The present challenges of scaling up MGML are also shared in this presentation, which include: (1) Curriculum reorganization and teacher education; (2) The lack of knowledge about MGML; (3) A deeply-rooted monograde culture; (4) The lack of trust towards an alternative approach; and (5) The lack of political will.