5.1.3 Democracy in the Montessori Curriculum: Citizens of Courage


SpeakerName: Ms. Amukta Mahapatra, SchoolScape Centre for Educators, India

Description: Children need to experience democracy from an early age so as to become citizens of courage who ensure that nations and the planet be and become democratic, peaceful and environmentally viable. Thus, this presentation reviewed the underpinnings of democracy and what that means in a classroom and in a school, as well as how the Montessori approach presents a democratic model of learning. The Montessori model of education is said to provide the learning platform and appropriate pedagogy for democratic citizenship. In order to promote the tenets of democracy, the school can seek to provide the possibilities of a child learning as an individual, a group and as a collective. However, when planning such a model, it is emphasized that the culture of the school, the pedagogy, the systemic structure, culture and the constitution of the nation must be aligned together in order to create a holistic and democratic education. Furthermore, it is recommended that innovations in the training of teachers need to be addressed so as to help support the quality of learning for all.