4.5 Microsoft & Partnerships


SpeakerName: Ms. Mei Ling Tan, Global Digital Learning Strategy Team, Microsoft

Description: Microsoft seeks to utilize features and functionality for all levels and abilities, from early learners to advanced students, and for teachers and administrators, through such programmes as: Microsoft Data Gathering, Microsoft Flashcards, Chekhov Story Author, Microsoft Education Delivery, Worldreader, Microsoft Educator Community, Microsoft Math, Skype in the Classroom, as well as Office 365 and Office Online. In this presentation, case studies of Microsoft collaborating with numerous and diverse partners are shared, highlighting various country and community projects. For example, Microsoft, with Digital Education Services (DES), partners with Pearson Foundation and the International Learning Association for teacher training in various contexts (e.g., Indonesia & Bangladesh). The sustainability of programmes via partnerships is highlighted, as well as advances in education access and quality, specifically due to partnerships. The robust features and capabilities, as well as rich data and powerful analytics, of Microsoft projects when partnering with local education efforts are emphasized.