4.1 Government Collaboration Ensures Sustainability


SpeakerName: Mr. Ravi Pratap Singh

Description: This presentation shared Aide et Action International’s innovative study, work and lobbying efforts regarding the plight of migrant children in select states in India, including the development of a comprehensive mapping methodology, which can identify the number of migrant children of school age, their source areas (so as to know the children’s language of instruction in school) in various specific locations of inter-state migrant populations. Innovative ways of addressing the migrant situation are also shared, including mobile teachers and the use of mother tongue language materials in educational endeavors. Furthermore, the process of government collaboration to address the teaching and learning needs of these migrant populations has been developed in targeted states, and Aide et Action shared their proactive work with other state governments, which is aimed at convincing governments to adopt this process so as to ensure the continuation of education for millions of children who migrate with their parents seasonally (cyclic migration). AEA is working towards the adoption of this collaborative practice as part of the Inter-state Migrants Act of India, so as to ensure that this innovative mechanism becomes mandatory for all state governments to adopt and practice.