2.7 Status of Out of School Children and Flexible Learning Strategies in Nepal


SpeakerName: Mr. Babu Ram Poudel

Description: This presentation reported that progress in education for OOSC in Nepal was possible due to the provision of policies, various scholarships, incentives and other affirmative actions, such as the provision of free textbooks for all students up to grade 10 and for targeted groups of children in grades 11 and 12; the abolition of all forms of school fees; targeted scholarships for all girls, Dalits, highly marginalized and endangered Janajatis, students with various disabilities, and students from the Karnali Region; the provision of mid-day meals in food deficit districts; special incentives for freed bonded laborers; and special provisions for remote area students. This presentation also shares the additional innovative strategies; specific programmes and activities; as well as partnerships sought and adapted, which aim to reach and provide educational opportunities for all OOSC in Nepal.