2.6 Expansion of NFPE in Myanmar


SpeakerName: Mr. Tin Nyo

Description: This presentation shared that NFPE is an accelerated primary education programme that allows out-of-school children to complete the five years of formal primary education in two years. The target learners of NFPE are out-of-school children (ages 10-14 years old) who are unable to go through the formal education system or who have dropped out from formal primary education. According to the regular programme for each academic year, learners are to attend classes at NFPE centers 2.5 hours per day for 204 days. NFPE in Cambodia also includes innovations in flexible learning strategies, notably mobile facilitators; intensive teaching; and a national standardized evaluation system for quality assurance of NFPE, with standardized scales items and test development study. The positive progress, outcomes and impact of such initiatives are discussed in this presentation, including current data regarding programme completion and the number of students who have joined the formal education system.