2.5 Accelerated Learning in Cambodia


SpeakerName: Mr. Kuoch Kou Lom-A

Description: This presentation reviewed the NFE primary EP and shared that not only is it equivalent to formal education in terms of curriculum and certification, but also in terms of the training of staff, teachers, policy, delivery mechanism, the teaching-learning process, management, programme monitoring and evaluation, learning assessment and qualification. The programme is therefore important and helpful for those children who lack the time to attend six years of formal schooling, yet want to continue learning and obtain a certification without this affecting their time to help their families. Thus, the programme is intensive and has two primary contents: (1) Academic content (70% of EP), selected from the formal education curriculum; and (2) Life skills content (30% of EP). This presentation therefore reviewed the details of the NFE EP programme in Cambodia as it focuses on out-of-school children, including child laborers/working children, so that they may be given the opportunity to study, make a living and prepare for a bright future.