‘1in11’ makes progress with campaign to make education accessible to children at risk


The ‘1in11’ project, which aims to offer education to young Indonesian children, is under way. The FC Barcelona Foundation, UNICEF and ROTA have also recently been working to implement the activities in Bangladesh and Nepal.

Staff members of the Foundation will travel to the aforementioned countries in the next few weeks to design the adaptation of the ‘FutbolNet’ project in these areas. Instilling values through football also applies to the local children in order to enhance their educational opportunities.

In Indonesia and Nepal, ‘1in11’ will offer sporting programs for youngsters, especially aimed at surpassing social barriers for the children incapable of immersing themselves at school. In Bangladesh, the project aims to reach the children who are not in the schooling system.

Around the world, one in eleven children at the age of primary education are without schooling, which is 58million out of the 650million in the world. Many of them are in dangerous and vulnerable situations, including war zones, areas with extreme poverty and there are children with special needs and from indigenous territories.

Also, in many schools, sporting programs are inexistent despite the fact that studies have proven that schools with such initiatives see vast educational benefits as well as health.