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Education Innovation Lab For Out Of School Children


Education Innovation Lab For Out Of School Children

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13.Beyond Primary

13.1 Lower Secondary and Equivalency Programmes

13.1.1 Lower secondary Equivalency Programmes in 9,000 CLCs (Thailand)

SpeakerName: Mr. Yothin Sommanonont, Teacher, Office of Non-formal and Informal Education, Ministry of Education, Thailand Description: This presentation included a discussion of Thailand’s Equivalency Transfer...

13.1.2 The Lao Equivalency Programme (EP) for Lower Secondary

SpeakerName: Ms. Philany Phissamay, Head of Monitoring and Evaluation Division, Department of Non-Formal Education, Lao PDR Description: This presentation shared that lower secondary EP has...

13.1.3 ALS in Philippines, ALP (10 month programme)

SpeakerName: Ms. Anabel Ungcad, ALS Education Program Specialist-II, Department of Education, Davao del Sur Description: This presentation reported that mobile teachers and district ALS coordinators...

13.2 Towards Employment and Lifelong Learning

13.2.1 Providing More Opportunities for Learning: JICA’s new education cooperation strategy

SpeakerName: Ms. Chiho Ohashi Description: This presentation shared how JICA has been committed to Non-Formal Education and the flexible learning process for OOSC, youth and...

13.2.2 Project Duke

SpeakerName: Mr. Jose H. de Mesa, City Administrator & Officer in Charge (OIC), City Education and Excellence Development Office (CEEDO), City of Balanga, Province...

13.2.3 UCEP: 44 years of providing second-chance education and a linkage to better livelihood

SpeakerName: 'Mr. Zaki Hasan, Chief Executive Officer, Underprivileged Children's Educational Programs (UCEP), Bangladesh Description: This presentation shared the innovations that have taken place with UCEP...

13.2.4 Friends-International: Building futures towards social and professional insertion

SpeakerName: Mr. Sovann Hong, Program Coordinator, Mith Samlanh, Cambodia Description: The programs developed by Friends International target the most marginalized children and youth. Therefore, this...

13.2.5 Involving Mothers in Learning: To promote retention for their children

SpeakerName: 'Ms. Shaheen Attiq-ur-Rahman, Vice Chairman, BUNYAD Description: 'BUNYAD presented some of their innovative projects in this presentation, including the women’s resource center, and shared...

13.2.6 Community-Based Peer Learning Methodology: An innovation for engaging underserved and hard to reach...

SpeakerName: Mr. Wade Jonathon Bromley, Livelihoods and Entreprise Development Technical Officer, International Labour Organization (ILO) Description: 'This presentation also highlighted the fact that more than...

13.2.7 Enabling Sustainable Educational Services Delivery through Social Enterprise

SpeakerName: Mr. Vorn Samphors, Country Program Director, Aide et Action, Cambodia Description: This presentation shared that social enterprises are increasingly adopted by NGOs as sources...