11.2.3 Nepal Earthquake 2015: Emergency and Early Recovery


SpeakerName: Mr. Baikunta Prasad Aryal, Planning Department of Education, Government of Nepal

Description: This presentation shared how phased education recovery efforts were led by the government and co-lead by UNICEF and Save the Children. Phase I was first discussed, which included the use of rapid assessments; the categorization of school buildings; the reinforcement and mobilization of emergency focal persons at the district level; the data collection and coordination with agencies; psychosocial counseling following the cascade model; the development and distribution of materials related to education in emergencies; the supply of supportive materials (e.g., school in box kit, ECD kit, recreational kit); debris management; the establishment of Temporary Learning Centers (TLC), and the provision of other school materials. Phase 2 was then reviewed, as this phase included various aspects of school reconstruction and renovation. A key innovation included a standard training package for teachers, which was endorsed by the government. The challenges and realities confronted amidst rebuilding efforts were also shared.