11.2.2 Empowerment and recovery process of the children evacuated from the disaster stricken area


SpeakerName: Mr. Ichinose Tomonori, Professor, Miyagi University of Education, Japan

Description: This presentation reported on the reconstruction assistance project, which Miyagi University of Education (MUE) led in collaboration with the local community and NGOs. This project sought to provide support for the local community and schools with relief supplies being the core of the support. MUE launched the Center for Disaster Education and Recovery Assistance and have been providing educational reconstruction support with a focus on dispatching student volunteers while receiving assistance and support from other educational universities nationwide. These activities aimed to respond to childrens’ decreased motivation of learning caused by the deterioration of the educational environment in the local communities and schools and the children’s mental stress caused by the changes to their home environment. Recommendations are made in this presentation, including the need for relationship building, as well as the inclusion of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in teacher training.