10.3 Hagar’s Education Strategies for Suvivors of Child Labour, Trafficking, and other Human Rights Abuses in Cambodia


SpeakerName: Mr. Pisith Horn, Project manager for community learning centre, Hagar International, Cambodia

Description: Cambodia’s educational outcomes are currently among the lowest in Asia. There are many complex factors that contribute to this low school performance, including the following: poverty, migration, a weak public education system, unsanctioned additional school fees and the enduring impact of genocide. Within the education sector, there are additional contributors, such as minimal teacher capacity, lack of school facilities and the inconsistent standards between urban and rural schools. As of 2014, the out-of-school rate for children of primary school age is 5.3%; the out-of-school rate for adolescents of lower secondary school age both sex is 17.5%; and the youth literacy rate is 91.48% (UNESCO, 2015). The children and youth who are out of school are often begging; involved in illegal activity; or enter the workforce early due to familial financial pressure. Some also fall victim to child labour and various forms of trafficking.