10.2 Building Life Skills of Out of School Drug Dependent Juveniles: Experience through the PKM Project


SpeakerName: Dr. Aparna Khanna, Associate Professor, Department of Development Communications and Extension, Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi, India

Description: The Juvenile De-Addiction and Rehab Centre was inaugurated in 2011 as a pilot intervention for boys (10-18 years old) who are drug-dependent. Adolescents are sent by the Court and undergo 90 days of residential treatment for recovery and rehabilitation in Delhi, and this presentation shared the various aspects of the Padhai Ka Maza (PKM) Project—the ‘Joy of Learning’ Project—which focus on enabling adolescents through ‘the 3L’s’: (1) Literacy; (2) Library; & (3) Life Skills. The objectives of the PKM Project include fostering functional literacy; sustaining and improving literacy skills of neo-literates; and building life skills through participatory activities based around books.