10.1 MyME Project: Providing Non-formal Education and Vocational Training for Underprivileged Working Children and Youth


SpeakerName: ‘Mr. Tim Aye Hardy, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Myanmar Mobile Education Project (myME)

Description: The mission of myME is to provide education via innovative mobile classrooms to children in Myanmar (Burma) who have been compelled into indentured servitude at teashop restaurants where they are forced to work long hours every day in order to sustain their families. Thus, this presentation shared how myME’s mobile classrooms provide these out-of-school children an opportunity to learn basic literacy, math and computer skills in a safe environment where they can gain self-confidence and develop critical thinking skills through innovative, interactive instruction. Furthermore, this presentation discussed how employment opportunities are offered after functional literacy is obtained and vocational training is completed with myME Project Partners (e.g., Samsung, Coca-Cola, and H&M, among others).