1.3 Innovative for Out-of-School Children: New approaches to an age-old problem


SpeakerName: Ms. Tara Hill, R4D, Australia

Description: This presentation provides an overview of how innovative approaches driven by non-state actors can tackle entrenched barriers faced by out-of-school children (OOSC) and complement government efforts to reach OOSC, both globally and in Asia. While government policies and reforms play a critical role in tackling the OOSC issue, this presentation seeks to highlight the equally important role of non-state actors (e.g., NGOs, CSOs social enterprises) in supporting governments to go the last mile in eliminating OOSC. It demonstrates why flexible innovations are needed to address the intractable problem of OOSC, and it describes the emerging models that are doing so. Specific examples are highlighted, as well as the ongoing challenges and opportunities facing innovators.