A proposal promising monetary incentive is under consideration by the education department to ensure that out-of-school children attend classes.

Anyone who reports and admits such a child to a nearby school will be paid Rs 500 and those who inform about a migrant child who is not attending school will get Rs 250.

“The proposal will be launched in 2016-17. Its details are being worked out,” education commissioner Purushottam Bhapkar said on Friday.

People who intimate the education department about students who have migrated to a different place and do not have an education guarantee card will get Rs 250, he said. The card will be given to all students from remote, migration-prone areas.

“It will have details about the student, how many tests heshe has given and the performance so that when the child goes to a school close to where his parents have migrated, the card will tell the new school about the student and heshe can be guided,” Bhapkar added.

A spot identification of places in the state with the highest dropout ratio is being conducted. “We are taking help from non-governmental organizations, school management committees and local people. We have about 1,000 such places, so far. Another survey will be conducted next month to check the number of out-of-school children. All education officials have been told to adopt schools and ensure zero dropout rate. They have to make sure that every student in every class has the matching skill sets,” he said.

Senior officials will visit these schools and engage with the teachers, local people and students. “A senior official’s visit will spur teachers to develop their schools. NGOs and activists will also be involved in the effort,” Bhapkar added.

Areas near Melghat, Amravati, Dhadgaon and Nandurbar had 50% out-of-school children and local youths were given the task of taking up a survey to identify them and bring them back to school, he said.