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What matters for managing classrooms?

- November 09, 2017 by Francesca Gottschalk Teaching is a demanding profession. Teachers are responsible for developing the skills and knowledge of their students, helping them overcome social and emotional hurdles and maintaining equitable, cohesive and productive...

Bangladesh: Is innovation in education oversold?

Innovation and technology are seen as the solutions to the educational deprivation of millions of children in the developing world. How does the technology-based model of innovation relate to the real world of learners, teachers, schools, families and the communities...

Resources for Responding to Trauma and Tragedy

November 13, 2017 By Matt Davis Guidance for supporting students who have experienced trauma or grief and for coping with violence and disasters. Understanding Trauma’s Effects on Learning Childhood Trauma and Positive Health: Learn about adverse childhood experiences...

Digital technology can help reinvent basic education in Africa

African countries have worked hard to improve children’s access to basic education, but there’s still significant work to be done. Today, 32.6 million children of primary-school age and 25.7 million adolescents are not going to school in sub-Saharan Africa. The...

Where sports becomes a tool for social inclusion

Mifalot’s Game of Life program teaches coaches in Israel and in developing countries how to promote self-confidence, trust and education. Children with special needs are often sidelined in life, and especially in sports. The Israeli nonprofit Mifalot: Sport for...


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