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What Kids Need to Succeed: Thinking Beyond What Techies Tell Us

As someone who worked in education, moved into edtech, then returned back to the classroom, I was interested to hear Mary Jo Madda’s recent podcast on what Google, Twitter, and Pinterest think kids need to succeed. The advice these tech employees share, like...

US: The Charter-School Equity Push

When Josue Bonilla started at STRIVE Prep Federal, he spent a lot of time trying to earn happy-face stickers and string cheese. These were the rewards for sticking to his behavior plan. At times, they seemed hopelessly out of reach. One day, Josue was caught playing...

In the era of civil chaos in Ghana: Value education is the answer

Value-based education is highly needed in our modern society because our lives have become more miserable. The content of education has considerably increased, but it appears the quality has decreased. Why? The number of schooled people has reached a high level, but...


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Organization: UNICEF

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Deadline for application: Mon, Aug 07 2017