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Growth mindset does not predict academic achievement, study finds

Academics believe that a fixed mindset may in fact be more conducive to educational success There is no evidence to support the theory that growth mindsets predict academic achievement, a new study has claimed. If anything, the research states, a fixed-intelligence...

Selective primary schools? What a terrible idea for children

Of all the accepted wisdoms that go unchallenged in the way we educate our children, selecting the best and brightest for an elite education is one of the most entrenched. It’s hard to argue against the idea that smart kids need special attention. Parents...

14 ways AI will impact the education sector

There have been a lot of digital “next big things” in education over the years — everything from the Apple IIe to online learning. The latest is artificial intelligence education tech (AI ed), and only time will tell what impact it ultimately has. But for something as...

India: Women’s education in rural areas holds the key to family

Shillong, July 24 Meghalaya State Commission for Protection of Child Rights chairperson M Kharkongor today said women's education in rural areas holds the key to address the issue of increasing population. Kharkongor stressed the need to educate rural women on family...

Saudi education reform making real strides

On July 17, the US House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs, Terrorism, Non-Proliferation and Trade Subcommittee held a hearing to assess the progress that Saudi Arabia is making toward revising its educational curriculum. The panel focused almost...

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