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Missing the Bulls Eye — Financing Education in an Unfair World

Why it’s important to fix how education expenditures are allocated "In many countries a combination of progressive tax policies and in-kind transfers, such as through the delivery of social services and social safety net programs, are deployed to offset inequities. In...

Admission policy introduced for free education

"The Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) has introduced a comprehensive admission policy for arranging free-of-cost education for out-of-school/dropout children aged between 6-17 in schools under the Foundation Assisted School (FAS) Programme. According to a spokesman...

Nigeria Abductions a Call to Action

"This mass abduction—latest estimates are that 276 girls are still missing—is one of the most extreme examples of attacks on students, teachers, and schools in recent years. But such attacks are by no means uncommon, or limited to Nigeria. In the last five years, 30...

Access to Education and Hope: The Solukhumbu Girls Hostel

"Growing up in her remote Nepalese village, located deep within the Solukhumbu (Everest) Region, Ngaki faced many hardships common among girls in Nepal who endeavor to go to school. The rural location of her village combined with the realities of her day-to-day life...

‘Education for hardest-to-reach children a priority’

"Effective implementation of second-chance education could help bring hardest-to-reach children to schools Bangladesh has progressed in the education sector over the years, and yet a large number of children are still out of schools, said education experts at a...


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