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Nepal: Adolescent girl education changes life in Mahottari

MAHOTTARI — Director at Education Department under the Ministry of Education Mitranath Gartaula lauded the task of educating illiterate adolescents and mothers from deprived community of Mahottari district. Director Gartaula, who has recently reached Parsadeward of...

How Do You Change A Girl’s Life?

The London Family Planning Summit held in London last week was heralded a major success. At least was committed for reproductive health services. New partners and countries signed up to the 2020 targets and the fundamental rights of women and girls was once again...

How to motivate students to learn

Nothing is as devastating to a teacher as a classroom filled with indifferent students utterly devoid of ambition. Have you ever been to a classroom where students looked bored to their spine and where the mood was colder than ice? How can we motivate such a class?...

Design Thinking For Instructional Design, Part 3: Ideation

Design Thinking For Instructional Design: Ideation In the parts one and two of my articles on design thinking for Instructional Design have provided readers with an explanation of why I believe Instructional Designers must adopt a designer’s mindset, an overview...

US: Personalized Learning: Budget cuts spur new teaching model

Never in our state’s history have public schools been in such a dire financial crisis. They can’t afford to buy new textbooks and are having to combine classes due to the teacher shortage. Music and art are becoming a thing of the past because they cost too much. Now,...

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