Nigeria: Adamu: ‘25.3m Nigerians are out of school,’ says Education Minister


Adamu revealed this on Monday, August 29, in Abuja, after the presentation of a draft roadmap for the education sector – ‘Education for change: A ministerial strategic plan 2016-2019’ – to stakeholders.

“About 25.3 million students at all levels of education are out- of- school in the country,” he said.

During his presentation, the Minister highlighted some of the challenges confronting the education sector, with some of them being poor funding, cultism, exam malpractice and indiscipline.

According to him, the strategic plan of his ministry would help address the problems in the education sector, adding that only qualified and duly registered teachers will be allowed to teach in the country to ensure professionalism.

He said: “Teacher education itself is dying simply because non-professionals have now become teachers.  Therefore, the professionalisation and registration of teachers will help make sure that the profession is reorganised with quacks kicked out.

“So nobody should be employed as a teacher if he or she does not have a teaching qualification; there is no magic if you are not qualified as a teacher: you cannot teach.”