Maharashtra: Panel formed to reduce school dropout rate yet to give report


A member of the special task force formed to reduce the dropout rate in schools in Maharashtra has resigned from the group, alleging that the group has failed to come up with answers to the problem within the time assigned.

Constituted in August 2014, the special task force was to come up with solutions to reduce the number of out-of-school children in the state within 30 days. It is yet to release its report.

Upset over the delay, Herambh Kulkarni, a reputed educationist, has resigned from the group. “I am shocked at the lackadaisical attitude with which the government is working on this issue. At this rate, it will take years to reach our goals.”

The decision to form the group was taken following a meeting on August 5 last year, where not-for-profit groups working in the field of education made presentations on the issue. The state appointed prominent educationists and officials, including Farida Lambay, Srinivas Shastri, Siddhesh Wadkar, Deepak Nagargoje and others, as members of the group.

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