Australia: Kinma, non-profit primary school


Background Information: Kinma encourages children to become flexible thinkers and independent, self-directed learners in a non-competitive environment which respects and nurtures the individuality of its members. Kinma was established in 1972 as a non-denominational, co-educational and non-profit Primary, Preschool and Playgroup.

Year of Implementation: 1972

Policy and Legislative Support for EP: The School Education Act 1999

Target Group(s): primary school-age children

Curriculum/materials: Learning program covers all six key learning areas in the New South Wales Board of Studies primary curriculum. These include: Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Human Society and its Environment,  Personal Development Health and Physical Education and the creative and practical arts.  Small, multi-aged groups form individualised programs. The consideration of stages, rather than ages, is basic to the provision of appropriate experiences.

Quality Assurance Mechanism: Records of each child’s progress are kept throughout the years. Records consist of check-lists in specific areas, anecdotes by teachers and examples of children’s work.

Evaluation & Assessment: No provision of standardized tests or graded reports; all children are individually assessed on their progress and abilities.



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