Total population (in thousands) 251,268 (2013)
Population aged 14 years and younger (in thousands) 42,778 (2013)
Out-of-school children 1,900,096 (2013)
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Indonesia needs to revive interest in reading books

Study about “Most Literate Nations In the World” by Central Connecticut State University in 2016 placed Indonesia second only to Bostwana as the least interested in reading books among 61 countries surveyed. Among ASEAN member countries, Indonesia is the...

In Indonesia, learning about gender equality from an early age

At the PAUD KM 0 ‘Mekar Asih’ early childhood education centre in Jakarta, Indonesia, a girl is dressed up as a chef, and a boy is looking like a sailor. Two others are dressed up as army generals and one girl is wearing sunglasses. Here, children are taught to dream...

Earthquake in Indonesia rattles schools and students

A 6.4-magnitude earthquake in Aceh, Indonesia last Wednesday has not only left more than 100 dead and nearly 84,000 homeless, but thousands of children “indefinitely” out of school. According to officials, at least 31 schools in the region were damaged by the...

Five ways to improve parenting education in Indonesia

There is a dynamic and growing energy in Indonesia focusing on parenting education, particularly for low-income families. However, little is known about parenting styles and related outcomes, much less the coverage and effectiveness of various parenting education...

Serving Indonesia’s remote readers

Their arrival sends ripples of excitement through Serang, a quiet hamlet fringed by rice fields and a volcano on Indonesia’s main island of Java. “The horse library!” children shriek, sprinting towards the mosque where Luna is tethered. Slung over her saddle are...

Reading for pleasure, 15 minutes a day

Laura Noszlopy On a bright spring day in April 2016, the massive Kensington Olympia exhibition centre was buzzing with publishers, editors and writers from around the world. As an anthropologist, writer and editor who has translated and edited many Indonesian books...
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