Gurgaon’s Radiant School is spreading the light of literacy among child labourers


Underprivileged families who need extra income cannot afford to think about the future of the child labourers across the millenium city who can be seen working tirelessly as  tea vendors, helpers at grocery stores, rag pickers, construction workers, and vegetable vendors.

Ignored by the administration and rendered helpless by the circumstances, these children get an opportunity to break the shackles of ignoniminy at Radiant School, a non formal education centre. The school set up in Gurgaon in 2012 by Eco Lib foundation, an NGO, presently caters to the specific education needs of around 120 children.

Aparna Laxmi, who has been single-handedly managing the school since the past two years in an old rented building in Jharsa village, has divided her students in four goups. “ Blinking, Twinkling, glowing and Shining are the four groups that have been divided according to their age and skills,” she explains.

What prompted Aparna to set up this initiative was a single visit to Jharsa village when she saw young kids from economically weaker sections of the society working as rag pickers and were without proper food, clothing, and education.

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