To Improve Education: Focus On Pedagogy Not Technology, FLS News Issue 899, Tue 4 June 2019

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.”  ― Anonymous [more quotes]
To Improve Education: Focus On Pedagogy Not Technology
🕛 6 Mins  |  Learning Outcomes
It’s an exciting time for technology in education. Global tech companies such as Google….
🕛 3 Mins | Learning
We, humans, are some of the most intelligent beings on Earth. Yet, most of us don’t know much about the very organ that enables us…..
These 20-year-olds Developed An App To Help Students With Dyslexia Learn Better
🕛 4 Mins  | Disability | EdTech
In order to bring a solution to this problem….
Critically Selecting Children’s Books With Representations Of Disability Experiences
🕛 5 Mins  |  Disability | Tools
As students look to the shelves in their….
Valuing Multilingual Students’ Skills
🕛 6 Mins |  Research | Multilingual Education
Having a deep understanding of multilingual students’ interests, skills, and experiences….
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