Making Schools Safe Havens for Communities in Myanmar, FLS News Alerts Issue 841 – Wed 9 Jan 2019

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“The aim of education must be the training of independently acting and thinking individuals who see in the service to their community their highest life problem” ―Albert Einstein

🕛 6 Mins | Policy

Making Schools Safe Havens for Communities in Myanmar

New guidelines aimed at making schools more...


🕛 3 Mins | Disability

Malaysia: Make Education For Children Inclusive, Not Integrative

The National Early Childhood Intervention Council

🕛 3 Mins | Gender

To Empower Girls in India, Make Gender Education Compulsory

Schools are powerful sites for change and social...

🕛 4 Mins | Teacher

This is What Happens When School Students Get More Sleep (US)

Teenagers wore activity monitors to find out...


🕛 4 Mins | Stories

A Rohingya Girls’ Journey from Refugee Camps to College

Formin was 18. She was sitting on a plastic stool in...

🕛 2-3 Mins | Research

Health Impacts of Screen Time For Kids: Latest Research

This guide provides a summary of existing...

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Event: Short-term Consultant, Japan Engagement (Education Partnerships)
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Location: Tokyo, Japan
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Event: The Education World Forum
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