This One Small Change Could Transform Education for Millions, FLS News Alerts Issue 840 – Tue Jan 8 2019

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“A teacher’s experience in the classroom is no less complex than any other, as each child brings his own universe to the class” ―Anwar Masood

🕛 4 Mins | Finance

This One Change Could Transform Education for Millions

On paper, Ally starts his school year in January...


🕛 3 Mins | Gender

Afghanistan’s Cultural Norms; A Challenge for Girls’ Education?

The Afghan government, headed by Hamid Karzai

🕛 6 Mins | Data

Using Data to Help Students Thrive:  Perspectives From Mongolia

We are teaching students who will eventually work...

🕛 4 Mins | Teacher

What Can Teachers Do to Make Migration Easier for Children?

Debates on education and migration mostly focus...


🕛 5 Mins | Research

Revisited: The Brain-Changing Power of Conversation (US)

Interplay between parents and children ignites the...

🕛 6 Mins | Disability

Inclusive Ed for Special Needs Students in Indonesia

The difficult task of raising a child is one thing that...

Job Opportunity! New!

Event: Short-term Consultant, Japan Engagement (Education Partnerships)
Organisation: Global Partnership for Education
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Apply by: 15 January 2019

What’s Up? Coming Soon!

Event: The Education World Forum
Location: London, UK
Date: 20-23 January 2019