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I don’t think education is so much about making a living, it’s about making a person―Tara Westover
5-6 Mins | Policy

The Philippine Education System in 2018: Are we moving forward?

Our country’s uniqueness as the only...
5 Mins | Data

India: Still too many children out of school

Dubey, Pankaj & Mitra discuss the scale of the challenge in rural and urban India...
4-5 Mins | Case

Education project from Afghanistan receives UNESCO Literacy Prize

An Afghan Project helping war-affected women & girls...
3 Mins | EdTech

From Norway, Eyes and Ears for Sick Students

Tech startup develops desktop unit to connect kids to the classroom
6-7 Mins | Disability

Help is scarce for Rohingya children with intellectual disabilities

Anayetullah is an 18-year-old Rohingya refugee with
3 Mins | Partnership

Ground-breaking Education Prize from Hong Kong is building bridges

New fund coming out of Hong Kong is awarding large.

Job Opportunity! New!

Title: Program Officer – Girls Education
Organisation: Room to Read
Location: Badulla, Sri Lanka
Apply by: N/A

What’s Up? Coming Soon!

Event: International Literacy Day 2018
Location: Worldwide (check link for your nearest event)
Date: 8 September 2018