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Quote of the Day

“As long as you live, keep learning how to live

   – Lucius Annaeus Seneca


Researchers have found 1,271 gene variants associated with years of formal education… Continue reading >

Introducing the Mini-LAMP: A Practical Option for Assessing Reading and Numeracy Skills


I am in Bangkok at the Asia-Pacific meeting on Education 2030 to find ways to transform… Continue reading >

The Promise of Inclusive Education


The international community has until 2030 to deliver primary education to every child on the planet. But if this target is to be met, more… Continue reading >

India: The Teachers Role as ‘Facilitators’ in Classrooms


Teachers are ‘facilitators’ not ‘information providers’, says Sudha Acharya, Principal at ITL Public School, Dwarka, New Delhi… Continue reading >


OECD: How Can Teaching Standards Improve Teaching?


In the quest to secure a better for future for children with disabilities, the United Kingdom... Continue reading >

Can a Subscription Model Work for Online Learners and Teachers?


Can a “Netflix”-like subscription really work for online education platforms? Investors who... Continue reading >

Job Opportunity!

1) Title: Technical Advisor, Education

2) Organization: Save the Children

3) Location: Vientiane, Lao PDR

4) Application Date: N/A

What’s up! 

1) Title: 12th World Education Summit

2) Location: Delhi, India

3) Date: 9-10 August 2018


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