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Quote of the Day

“Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will”

– Vernon Howard


In this video, part of the MIT (LCL) Course, Mitch Resnick, describes the value of kids following interests, and suggests strategies… Continue reading >

Even Einstein struggled: learning about scientists’ failures can boost grades


Study shows STEM classes benefit from learning about scientists’ struggles… Continue reading >

The science of classroom design: Building a more engaging classroom


There is an art and science to teaching. And student engagement… Continue reading >

Exploring the Link Between Childhood Curiosity and School Achievement


New analysis finds that promoting curiosity may be a valuable approach to boosting… Continue reading >


Case: A Preschool Intervention in Ghana


Every evening after dinner, Herman Agbavor and his 5-year old son, Herbert, have a little ritual. Little herbert climbs into his dad’s lap... Continue reading >

Empathetic teachers enhance children’s motivation for learning


Research from the University of Eastern Finland suggests empathetic teachersContinue reading >

Motivating students: What kinds of motivation are there and what strategies work


Vanderbilt Centre for teaching outlines intrinsic and extrinsic examples and some methodsContinue reading >

Music improves children’s cognitive skills and academic performance


Music lessons enhance children’s cognitive abilities – incl. language, study finds... Continue reading >

Job Opportunity! NEW!!

1) Title: Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Specialist

2) Organization: Coffey

3) Location: Suva, Fiji

4) Application Date: 15 July 2018

What’s up! NEW!!

1) Title: Measuring gender attitudes to address school-related gender-based violence (a UN Girls’ Education Initiative)

2) Location: Webinar (streamed online with registration)

3) Date: 19 July 2018


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