“The BMWEC is a community-based organization providing education for thousands of migrant youth and internally displaced persons (IDPs). It serves as an administrative umbrella for 25 learning centers concentrated along the Thailand-Burma border in and around Mae Sot, Thailand and in Karen State, Myanmar (Burma).

While BMWEC Learning Centers vary in size, the ages they work with, and specific courses taught, special attention is paid to language instruction in Burmese, Karen, Thai, and English. Most learning centers currently implement the Burmese curriculum. These learning centers receive financial and logistical support through BMWEC and provide access to education for nearly 4,000 children and young people. 

Not classified as official schools by the Thai Ministry of Education they are not eligible for government funding. The vocational schools arrange for internships, apprenticeships, and have an arrangement with local vocational colleges in Thailand to recognize and accept BMWEC certificates.

In 2012, BMWEC negotiated and received official recognition from the Myanmar government. This recognition permits students who return to Myanmar to enter public schools according to the grade level they achieved while attending BMWEC-approved learning centers. They can also register for and take the national matriculation exam that serves as a gateway to higher education and many employment opportunities.”

Find more details on the Centre for Education Innovations Hub or go straight to the BMWEC website