Total population (in thousands) 157,157 (2013)
Population aged 14 years and younger (in thousands) 47,930 (2013)
Out-of-school children 907,160 (2010)
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“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.” said Maya Angelou, the famous civil rights activist and poet. Her statement gives us an idea of why we need to Be Bold for Change – this year’s theme for International Women’s Day celebrated on the...

Bangladesh: Many Rohingya Refugee Children Lack Proper Schooling

Instead of spending his days in school studying, 16-year-old Rohingya refugee Md. Sadeq begs in the streets of Cox’s Bazar district. The teen had gone to school in Myanmar before his family fled to the district in southeastern Bangladesh to escape violence in his home...

Bangladesh can achieve equitable quality education by 2030

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday said Bangladesh can achieve inclusive and equitable quality education by 2030 braving all the challenges. “Education is one of the areas receiving my government’s highest budgetary allocation,” she said while...

Bangladesh: 92pc girls quit schools after marriage: Study

Around 69 percent of adolescent girls between the age of 13 and 15 years get married, and 92 percent of them drop out of schools, according to a new study. Moreover, 89 percent of them get pregnant at least once before they become 19, without having any knowledge of...

“Innovative” Technology Helps Rural Education in Bangladesh

The “innovative” use of technology is helping to boost rural education in Bangladesh according to the founder of a school who has been nominated as a UN Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs. Shougat Nazbin Khan set up H A Digital School &...

How Higher Education in Bangladesh Creates Opportunities

A couple of months ago, I visited a few tertiary colleges affiliated with the National University in Bangladesh while preparing the College Education Development Project which aims to strengthen the strategic planning and management capacity of the college subsector...

New Education Budget: To fit the purpose

The Tk. 49,000 crore or US$ 6.3 billion allocated for education, when divided by the estimated 40 million students in the country, amounts to Tk. 12,000 per student public spending for a year or about US$ 150 on average for all levels of education. The allocation for...

Why is the education budget not larger?

The new budget for 2016-17 to be presented in the national Parliament on June 2, according to the pre-view given by the Finance Minister, will top  Taka 3.4  trillion or US$43 billion. In absolute taka amount, this is five times larger than ten years ago. How is...
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