As many as 28 out-of-school children were enrolled on Monday to kick start the second phase of a campaign to end child labour at brick kilns.

They were enrolled at the Government Primary School Tipa Samad, Multan Road, which is within a two-kilometre radius of the kiln where they live. The Labour Department has carried out a survey and identified 3,190 out-of- school children in Lahore school.

“Nearly 90 per cent kilns in the Punjab have been registered during the survey,” Javed Gill, the programme project director, said. “The exercise is part of a larger project for elimination of bonded labour at kilns.”

Gill said the survey had been carried out during monsoon season when kilns were not operational. “The department might have missed some children. It is important that we carry out the survey again in another six months to cover all children,” he said.


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