2016 Changwon/UNESCO AsiaㆍPacific Regional Education Conference


The City of Changwon, the UNESCO Bangkok Regional Bureau for Education and the Korean National Commission for UNESCO will co-organise ‘Changwon/UNESCO Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on ‘The New Paradigm of Community Learning Center through On-line Lifelong Education’ from 9th to 11th of May.2016, in Phuket, Thailand with the technical and financial assistance from Korean National Lifelong Education and Phuket City, Thailand.

The main purpose of this conference is to provide an opportunity for joint discussion and collaboration with local government education policy makers, educational experts and stakeholders to search for and create new development pathways for local societies through community learning center and on-line Lifelong Learning in both rural and urban area of Asia and Pacific region. In addition, the meeting will serve as a platform to share successful initiatives and practices in various paradigms of lifelong learning undergoing rapid technical advancement. Moreover the discussion will address the feasibility of development strategies in line with creating a sustainable future for local industry.



The main objective is to Inform and exchange ideas and experiences on Lifelong Learning and Skill Development through online content and connectivity. Specifically, participants will be having their own thoughts and answers against key questions below;

1. What are the trends of new community learning systems in urban settings and how do these function to promote lifelong learning?

2. How best can online contents and connectivity could be utilized at the community place like CLCs in rural and urban setting?

3. How best can local art craft products and eco-tourism can be promoted through connectivity and community learning centers?


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